Amanda Atkinson

Director - Operations

Amanda Atkinson is a Director of Austral Archaeology. She began her archaeological career in Australia in 2008 and has extensive experience in team leadership and has worked in many management roles in environments ranging from small business to large companies.

Amanda has a specialist interest in the archaeology of the western arid region of New South Wales and has led the largest archaeological projects in that area to date, as well as handling consultation with Aboriginal stakeholders on high profile and complex projects across the state. She has worked with hundreds of Aboriginal groups around Australia and has acted as a specialist advisor to the NSW government on the development of the Aboriginal consultation processes for archaeological projects. Amanda has been an expert witness for archaeology cases heard in the Land and Environment Court on two occasions.

Amanda’s role allows her to focus on managing personnel and staffing, ensuring the smooth operation of all projects.

Alexander Beben

Director - Client Services

Alexander is a Director of Austral and brings a wealth of experience to our projects. Alex has over 15 years’ experience and has been the technical lead for over 500 heritage projects across Australia. Through this experience Alexander has developed a collaborative approach to projects which enables him to work closely with Austral’s clients to ensure that they understand their heritage requirements and formulate innovative solutions to their specific needs.


Whilst Alexander has experience working in all NSW regions, he specialises in the colonial and industrial heritage of the Illawarra, South Coast and Southern Highlands and has directed the three largest historical excavations in Wollongong to date. Alexander is also experienced in Aboriginal heritage and is endorsed by the Heritage Council of NSW as an Excavation Director at a local and State level for historical archaeology.

Alexander is focused on developing and maintaining strong relationships with Austral’s clients based upon the delivery of trusted services that are tailored to their individual requirements.  

David Marcus

Director - Projects

David is a Director of Austral with significant experience in both Aboriginal and historical cultural heritage projects. David started his career in archaeology in 2000 and has worked in all roles from field assistant through to project manager. He commenced work for Austral Archaeology in 2010 and has been responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day running of Austral Archaeology.

David is experienced in Aboriginal archaeology but specialises in historic archaeology, where he is endorsed by the Heritage Council of NSW as an Excavation Director at the local and state level.

David’s role allows him to focus on utilising both his archaeological and project management expertise to concentrate on ensuring that projects run smoothly, that archaeological advice provided to clients is technically robust and sound, and that a high standard of quality assurance is provided on all reports provided to clients.